Website Performance - The Missing Link

Website Performance

The Missing Link complements the technical expertise and creative work at the Website Designing stage (pre-launch) and provides the best possible platform for any future optimisation work that may be carried out by Website Optimisation SEO consultants (post-launch). The Performance Gap Company's missing link can therefore be implemented at any of the following stages of a website's lifecycle:

  • The website designing stage of a new project (ideal)
  • The overhaul and redesign of an existing website that is underperforming
  • At any stage of a website's development or lifecycle to maximise website performance and its competitive position

A Common Problem

It's a very common problem experienced by a lot of small to medium sized business owners who have invested their own money into a website that simply does not give them the return on investment expected or required.

The Missing Link is a critical part of the Website Designing process which, if ignored or simply overlooked because of a lack of understanding, will render the website 'not fit for purpose' from day one. Yes, you can put it right after the event, but this is clearly a reactive and potentially expensive approach after the proverbial horse has bolted. Much better therefore to get it right before you launch your new revenue channel or when you are contemplating making changes to, or overhauling, your existing site.

What is The Missing Link?

The Missing Link involves the very careful and selective process of choosing the right SEO Keywords and phrases (relevant to your industry and target market audience) and making sure that these words and phrases are in exactly the right places on your website, known as page elements. The Missing Link is so simple, so obvious (with hindsight), but nearly always not implemented at the critical stage of Website Designing.

Why is The Missing Link overlooked?

Understandably, the technical skills of most web designers and vis-à-vis hosting companies are focussed on the graphic design, the navigation and the user interface of the actual website itself. In other words their approach is from a creative, technical perspective and the aesthetic position of:

  • How do you want your website to look?
  • How many categories do we need to build in?
  • What sort of graphics and imagery do you want to use?
  • We will need you to provide all the web copy for the page content as soon as you can please

Whereas The Performance Gap Company's missing link approach is from the position of:

  • When your website is launched what keywords or phrases, when typed into a search engine, do you want and need your company to be found by?
  • From the range of products and services your company provides, which ones are going to make the biggest difference to your business's performance?
  • We will provide you with keyword-rich website copy for the most important content pages of the site that are going to make a real difference to the business performance

You can see, therefore, that it is almost inevitable that those crucial components of Website Optimisation (The Missing Link) are sometimes overlooked during the initial stage of Website Designing.

The Missing Link in more detail

SEO Building Blocks

Getting the 'essential building blocks' in place by researching relevant (to your industry) SEO Keywords and phrases that have good traffic, low competition and high commercial ratios and building these 'golden nuggets' into good quality website copy is the single biggest key to a website's likely success. Only then can a qualified Search Engine Optimisation company fully implement the off-page SEO marketing strategy that will see your website's future search engine ranking increase significantly. The Performance Gap Company will work directly with you and your website designer to ensure that these essential building blocks are in place just as a skilled building contractor would use the services of an architect.

The main components of The Missing Link are to:

  • Analyse the market in which a client's website will compete and provide advice with regard to possible domain name availability and selection, website structure and website strategy (main & sub category names etc.)
  • Research and implement a keyword strategy, providing 'search engine friendly' SEO copywriting content and imagery where required
  • Ensure that all the web pages are on-page optimised to fully benefit from SEO keyword strategy (Title, Header, Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions etc.)
  • Provide SEO keyword and competition reporting for future SEO implementation

The Missing Link Key Elements

What does this mean for the Business Owner?

The success of your website, and ultimately the success of your business will be directly related to the traffic generated by SEO Keywords and phrases that potential customers are searching for via the search engines and the quality and quantity of any subsequent visitors that select your website from these search results (SERPs). No one should ever assume or presume what people type into the search bars of Google, Yahoo, Bing and the like because you cannot legislate for the way in which people think and the way in which their minds work. What you can do however, is to analyse relevant keywords to establish which SEO keywords and phrases are most likely to give you the best chance of being found via the search engines.

By utilising very sophisticated and highly developed software, SEO Keywords can be researched and rated for several different criteria; the most important of which are:

Golden Nugget Key Search Term
  • Relevancy: Of the SEO keywords to your target audience and business marketplace
  • Traffic: The number of times per day that word or phrase is being searched for, either globally or locally (UK)
  • Competition: The number of web pages already on the WWW containing that key word or phrase
  • The current cost of paying for that keyword on a "Pay per Click" campaign. N.B. You do not pay for this; we just need this information to work out the most important criteria which is...
  • Commerciality: The potential commercial value of the analysed word or phrase

So it doesn't take a genius to work out that:

High Traffic + Low Competition + High Commerciality =

Golden Nugget Key Search Term!

In Summary - The Missing Link approach is:

  • To conduct a comprehensive research and analysis of your target market and your potential customers
  • Through careful keyword research, create and compile a data base of words and phrases that are relevant, in demand, not overly competed for and that have a potentially high commercial value
  • To create search-engine-friendly web copy for each of the main and sub-categories on the site that you need customers to find you by, via the search engines
  • To provide the Business Owner with a handover report detailing the success of the on page optimisation strategy

When commissioning the build of a website, business owners have lots of things to consider, but one critical decision is whether to:

  1. Get the building blocks right at the very beginning of the project?
  2. Or put them right later when expectations are not being matched?

We respectfully suggest that the first option makes a lot of sense!

SEO Keywords research and Website Optimisation are absolutely critical to successful Website Performance and here at The Performance Gap Company, that's what we do best at the Website Designing stage. Why not drop us an email and let's see if we can help each other to help ourselves?