SEO Keywords

SEO Keywords

The success of your website performance, and ultimately the success of your business will be directly related to the traffic generated by SEO keywords and phrases that potential customers are searching for via the search engines and the quality and quantity of any subsequent visitors that select your website from these search results.

Increasing your chances of good search engine ranking on Google and other search engines always starts with finding the best SEO keywords to target. The keywords that are selected are then woven into the fabric of your website by using a technique known as Website Optimisation, or Google SEO, and are an integral part of Website Designing. Targeting the wrong keywords can result in a wasted effort, because you will never rank well for the niche areas within your market that you really need to be found for.

The Importance of Researching SEO Keywords

Web site designers know that SEO Keywords are vitally important, and that an in-depth keyword research program forms the bedrock to any successful website SEO strategy. The fact is however that most website designers have no real understanding of how to research and select the best keywords for their clients. The ones they do select have usually been chosen from one of the many free keyword suggestion tools available on the internet, which only provide global search volumes without any further analysis of the quality of the SEO keywords.

Web designers, highly skilled as they undoubtedly may be, are not usually an SEO expert and furthermore most website designing budgets do not provide for in-depth keyword research. The best SEO techniques for website optimisation require highly specialised analytical skills that ensure that the 'essential building blocks' are in place. Failure to get this correct can have serious consequences for the success of any business that relies upon Website Performance.

Our Keyword Research Program

No one should ever assume or presume what people type into the search bars of Google, Yahoo, Bing and the like because you cannot legislate for the way in which people think. What we can do however, is analyse relevant keywords to establish which are most likely to give you the best possible chance of being found via the search engines.

Getting the 'essential building blocks' in place and then ensuring they are implemented into good quality web copy is the single biggest key to a website's likely success.

By utilising sophisticated and highly developed professional SEO keyword software, Warwickshire based The Performance Gap Company will research and then analyse SEO keywords for several criteria; the most important of which are:

  • Relevancy - to your target audience and business marketplace
  • Traffic - The number of times per day that each keyword or phrase is being searched for
  • Competition Analysis - The number of web pages already on the internet containing that keyword or phrase
  • Commercial Value - The current "Pay per Click" cost of paying for that keyword (You do not pay for this, we just need this information to work out the most important criteria which is the commercial value)

The objective therefore is to find keywords or phrases that are relevant to your market place with high levels of traffic, high commercial values and low competition.

Even with the aid of professional keyword research tools this is a very labour intensive operation that must be carried out with the upmost attention to detail. However when carried out effectively by an SEO specialist it will undoubtedly form the cornerstone of any successful website.

Keyword Selection

To illustrate the importance of analysing and then selecting the best keyword to use when optimising a particular webpage just look at the different data that applies to the two phrases in the table below; making even a very subtle change can have remarkable results!

Though the amount of people searching for each phrase is very similar, the number of competing websites for each keyword and also the cost per click (commercial value) can vary dramatically.

Keyword Daily Searches Competition Adwords CPC
seo article 79 337,000 £1.54
seo articles 95 2,740,000 £1.17

If you were writing an article about SEO for your website, as we have done, it would clearly be much easier to achieve good search engine ranking results if you optimised your webpage for the keyword with the much lower competition.

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