SEO Consultants

SEO Consultants

Management Consultants

Management consultants have been around since the late nineteenth century and whilst The Performance Gap Company can't claim to be that old, we do go back quite a long way. In the 70's business consultancy was all about the new sales and marketing techniques sweeping across from America, with curious acronyms like A.B.C. for "always be closing" and K.I.S.S. for "keep it simple, stupid". In the 80's J.I.T. or "just in time" logistics was the new buzz word and a plethora of distribution and logistics consultants were born.

The 90's was the decade when I.T. consultancy was all the rage with vast swathes of good engineers effectively being sacked only to be re-employed as consultants which led to Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs introducing the I.R.30 ruling. And the turn of the millennium saw the rise and obsession with celebrity culture and the new "style gurus" and P.R. consultants coming out from the shadows.

SEO Consultants

No surprise then that internet consultants and SEO consultants are the new breed of experts in the murky world of search engine optimisation all striving to get your website found by your prospective customers. Love them or loathe them, it's fair to say that without some qualified and objective advice from a professional internet strategy consultant, the chances are you will be spending good money in the wrong direction.

The Performance Gap Company

The Performance Gap Company will offer you that quality objective advice and is only interested in working with companies that it can genuinely help. And by help, we mean making a real difference to your business as a whole and not just your website. We take the view that your website should be a clear and distinct profit centre in its own right, with revenues coming in and expenditures going out.

Your website is no different to your sales force, but thankfully a great deal easier to manage, and with careful analysis and some re-engineering of the critical components and page elements, there is no reason why a website should not only perform well, but make a real difference to your business performance as a whole.

Having successfully survived the 70's, 80's, 90's, and new millennium, the Senior Partners at The Performance Gap Company are here ready-willing-and-able to help you make the most of your untapped internet secret sales weapon.

Our Approach

As you would expect, we take a consultative approach to all of our prospective customers' problems and get an overall understanding of your business needs, industry issues and competitor dynamics. Only after having a reasonable appreciation of your needs and expectations, will we begin to explore a Website Optimisation strategy for your company.

With a broad range of disciplines and industry experience diversity including Construction, Warehousing & Distribution, Telecommunications, Motor Sport, Online Retail and many Engineering environments, you can be assured of an experienced, professional and business-like approach from everyone here at The Performance Gap Company.

Why not drop us an email with your web address and we'll take a quick look at your site and let's see if we can help each other to help ourselves?